Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Caden!

I can't believe that Caden is now 4!  He was such a tiny baby and a lot has happened with our lives since he was born!  He's lived in Arizona, now back in Michigan. 

We had a party at Castaway Play Cafe in Howell.  The kids had a ton of fun running around like crazies!  They let out a lot of energy, so hopefully they all slept good that night!

I made this super cute shirt for Caden to wear.

I messed up on this since it was my first time making it, so he actually wore a red one at his party. 

He got tons of gifts and loved everything!! 

Thanks everyone who helped make his birthday awesome! He counted down his birthday for weeks and now he's counting down til he's 6 so he can start kindergarten like his big brother! Oh lord!