Monday, January 14, 2013

Project 365, Day 14

Since Chris works for AT&T now, we ordered U-Verse because we get a discount on it.  So that was installed today and we love it!  I already have The Biggest Loser and The Bachelor set to record tonight so I don't forget about them!  :)  The boys can even watch it on their Xbox in their room.  That is, whenever they aren't using Netflix.  I tell you what, we get our money's worth out of Netflix each month!  They love to watch everything on there, and if it wasn't for sports, HGTV and a few select other channels, we could do without cable once again.

But now that hockey is FINALLY starting back up again (GO WINGS!) we will be watching that quite a bit again. Detroit Red Wings

I ordered my new crafty machine today also.  I'm excited to offer new things in my shop once I get the hang of it!  My first project is a few key chains, cups, and a shirt for Caden's birthday!  Since I am at home, why not use this time to better my personal Etsy shop!  Be sure to keep up with my blog to see all the cool new things that are going to be happening in the future!!