Sunday, February 10, 2013

Minecraft Valentines- DIY

Valentine's Day is coming up this week and since my oldest son, Brody, is really into playing Minecraft on the computer lately I figured I'd do an internet search and find some images and see if we can make our own cards this year. 
Using my new Silhouette Cameo, I figured it would be super easy to do!  And it was! :) 
I searched on the internet and found an image, made it our own and valentine's cards via at home! 
Using the print and cut method, I set up my program to print out the paper, and then you put it on the machine and it cuts them out individually.  Pretty easy!
I bought him some Fun Dip's to tape on to the cards so he could give out some candy too. 

Someone's 3rd grade class is gonna have a very Happy Valentine's Day!  What kind of cards are your kids using this year?? Did you make them yourself?  Comment below and let me know!