Monday, September 26, 2011

Being the crafty mom

    The whole point of this blog was to share crafty ideas, savings online or in stores and just other general coolness I find on the internet and want to share with the world.  I like getting a good deal, especially around birthday and holidays!
    If your new to reading the blog, then you may not know that I like to sew and do other things.  I have a page on Facebook- Brodacious Bags which if you can tell, isn't all bags at all.  Since I bought my embroidery machine last year, I've been doing fun things.  I couldn't wait to do monogramming and cute applique shirts for people!  So if you ever see anything you think you might like, ask and see if I can make it, I love doing that stuff!
    I'm also debating on getting a vinyl cutting machine.  I want to be able to make cool personalized wall art, acrylic cups with names and designs and even other cool things.  It's a machine similar to the Cricut, it's called the Silhouette Cameo.  Maybe with birthday money it will be mine! It's not out yet, it's on pre-order!
   Also check out my Etsy Shop!  I make cute custom pillows to match kid's bedroom sets or any colors you'd like.  My kids love theirs and others I've made have loved theirs too!
   Thanks for reading and enjoy the savings and ideas that come along with the blog.