Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spring has SPRUNG!

Spring is finally here! The warm weather, the birds chirping and the mosquito's biting.  Yup, it's here.  Time to get out those shorts from the closet and realize that "maybe" they are a little too tight.  Time to watch what your eating a little more and not shove your face full of food you'll regret later on!

The sun and warmth also bring you in a better mood mentally.  After sitting home all winter without a job, you do get bored, you do get depressed and you do wish you had something fun to do.  Now that it's warm out we can go for bike rides, play baseball and just enjoy being outside!  My oldest is playing baseball right now so he has his games this week.  It's fun to see him doing something he enjoys.  My youngest wants to go on a bike ride everyday down the road.  But really I think he just wants to visit the older gentleman that gives him candy when he visits.

I am feeling very blessed with my Etsy Shop lately.  I'm 3 away from 250 sales and not that very long ago I was begging to pass 50.  It amazes me how I've done so well lately and that people enjoy my products!  Don't forget to "like" me on Facebook either! You won't regret it!

Large Polka Dot Beach Tote